Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays 2018

If you’re sitting at work daydreaming about blue skies and warm summer days by the sea, with the smell of BBQs in the air then you’ll know it’s time to start the holiday countdown. The countdown has started at Milomade HQ as I’ve been busy planning what I’ll be doing with my family over the summer lately and trying to nail down dates of when to take my annual leave.

One of the beauties of being self employed is the flexibility that comes with setting my own working hours, but taking time-out can so often be overlooked. I’m often jealous of my friends who do the 9-5 as they always book their holidays so far in advance and are always so organised about doing so – I guess they have to be as they have to compete with co-workers for the time off. I on the other hand always leave things to the last minute and everything is such a rush and a faff and sometimes not as relaxing or fun as I’d hoped.

Since becoming a parent though, I’ve slowly got better at planning more in advance and over the past 6 years have steadily moved into taking a fixed block of time off over the summer of 3 to 4 weeks. This now has to coincide with school holidays and the time my partner is off work for the summer too.

So this post is to let you know that I’m taking my annual leave in July this year.
Milomade HQ will be closed from Monday 9th July until Sunday 29th July.
I will be dispatching orders up until 5pm on Friday the 6th of July.

I will be around and will no doubt potter in and out of the studio from time to time, but the focus will not be on work, answering emails or fulfilling orders. So if you’re thinking of ordering something from my online shop, but haven’t got round to it yet, do so before the end of June, so that I have time to make up your order and dispatch it.

Normal working hours will resume the week commencing the 30th July.

And now it’s time to stop daydreaming and get back to work….

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