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Birthday Celebrations

19th October 2009

Colin is now the same age as me [I'm 6 months ahead of him] and his birthday was a great day.

Early out with the dog this morning and then home to cook birthday boy a lovely special birthday breakfast – french toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup!

Colin's Birthday Breaky


Then he got to open his pressies and then we headed up to Cupar with a birthday cake to invigilate his exhibition and meet up with friends to share cake and coffee with.

Colin's Birthday Cake

Headed home for tea and we cooked one of our favourites – buffalo minute steaks and roast potatoes!

Shared a bottle of bubbly and were about to watch one of our favourite films which I’d bought Colin on DVD – The Hairdressers Husband – when I got a really bad pain in my stomach and kealed over – oh dear! I was in excrutiaing pain but eventually let Colin carry me up to bed. No idea where it came from or what it was, but as it was on my right side we both thought it might have something to do with my kinked fallopian tube and an after effect of my HSG even though that was at end of September – the pain was the same as the pain I had during the procedure but about 10 times worse!

After taking pain killers and slapping a hot water bottle on my abdomen the pain eventually subsided and I fell asleep…That ruined a perfectly splendid evening! Got to get to the doctors and get her opinion on the matter asap.

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