BCTF Invite


I just got a lovely email from the BCTF with an attached invite for this years show. I recently registered with the BCTF as I’m hoping to do my first ever trade show with them in 2015. During the registration process I asked if I could be invited as a guest this year so that I could get a glimpse of what a trade show is all about as I’ve never attended one before.

And now’s my chance!

I’m allowed to bring a guest and so I’ve had a quick chat with Colin and we’ve decided to make a weekend of it. It’s Milo’s birthday on the 4th April, so we’ll celebrate that here, then go to Harrogate for the weekend and come back on the Monday or Tuesday. I’d really appreciate Colin’s insight into stand construction/design/layout and although it’s not the right kind of thing to take a toddler to, I’m hoping Milo could sneak in with us (in a back carrier) for a wee while, so that Colin could have a look around quickly and then leave me to it.

I’m really quite excited as I’ve never been to a trade show before and I can’t wait to see how people present their work to buyers. I’m still totally clueless on how I’m going to approach this, as I’ll no doubt be doing it on my own and so will have to be super resourceful and quite clever and minimalist in my approach.

I also can’t wait to meet some of the makers attending and see their work first hand. Top of my list is Judith Brown, who’s work I have always admired. Her website is getting a bit of a makeover at the moment so there’s just a holding page in place, but please visit her Facebook page and see her work there – it’s amazing!

Have you been to the BCTYF as a visitor before? Or as a stand holfer?

I’d love to hear your stories. Looking for top tips and advice!